Second album A PASSION FOR CHRIST - I'll Come Running  Is Now completed and in a production run stage and is now available.   To purchase - click above "How to purchase Lifesongs music"

PRESENTING "Crossing Over" an inspirational modern music album of 'Life changing music' in an easy listening style, which benefits from clear wording.  The words will be available to read on here. Coming shortly. 

Lifesongs  album "Crossing Over" is available on CD or Cassette.  

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MUSICIANS: We would like to hear from other musicians and singers who have a desire to create original songs/sounds and who may want to work with us on our existing and/or future songs and music.

BETHEL Productions has evolved from BETHEL House Of God evangelistic mission & internet ministry.  We are developing this web site alongside our newest group Lifesongs  and we are looking for new Christian groups, singers, instrumentalists and song writers.

NEW TALENT:   Would you like us to advertise and promote your songs? We can also produce CD's, notate and arrange scores of your music for publication.