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Lifesongs have increased in number from the original duo of Booty/Hughes.  We welcome here the two newest members who have recently joined in with us and are featured as backing vocalists on our latest album. 

Left to right: Mike Squire; Carol Hughes; George Booty and Carolyn Gower.



George Booty  is an ordained minister and is currently Pastor of Agapé Community in Milton Keynes.  He is also  member of the Pastor's Association with the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches in the U.K (some 470 churches).    He initially trained at Moorlands College and later studied at London Reformed Baptist Seminary.   He has also utilised distance learning by studying at Batchelors Degree level at Trinity Theological College. U.S. 

George pioneered and pastored a small Baptist Church, in Milton Keynes, England, for nearly ten years.   He also began leading a street preaching and small singing group for evangelism in UK.   It was a small group of singers modestly accompanied by guitar using well known worship songs.   During the course of worshipping and practising together, they felt  a need to produce their own material; new songs of testimony began to grow and George discovered a gift of song-writing.   Subsequently, over the next three years many new songs were realised from the BOOTY/HUGHES duo.  

George originally comes from London.  He is currently Divorced and is the father of four children. Christine, Suzanne, Matthew and Leah.  He currently also operates his own private business in the Auto-diagnostics field.   George also spent several years in the Royal Air Force as an Aircraft fitter and became a Rally driver at International level.

Carol Hughes grew up in the Isle of Thanet in Kent.  She was involved in a variety of music making activities there before going to study piano, clarinet and composition at Trinity College of Music, London, where she also learnt professional sound/recording techniques. Having been an active participant in the Methodist church for a number of years, Carol realised her need for a saving faith (true belief) in Jesus whilst at college, and was became a Christian whilst at a Christian Union retreat.  Following a short period of working in the tape recording industry she graduated in 1983, and embarked on a private music teaching career, which still occupies a major part of her life.      

Carol has been regularly playing piano and keyboard in church services for the past fifteen years, during which time she was part of the worship team in the church where George Booty was pastor.   It was from this alliance that Lifesongs emerged.  Carol is married to Glenn and has three sons, Jason (15), Andrew (12) and Graham (8).  The boys play guitar, drums and keyboards together, calling themselves 'JAG'.

Carol has composed a range of teaching material, mainly for piano/keyboard, and enjoys writing and arranging Christian songs. she has begun compiling a song book for singers and musicians, which will compliment the songs on the Lifesongs albums.  As well as her music teaching career, which began whilst at college, Carol has played the piano as accompanist for a number of choirs, singers and instrumentalists, and now plays regularly for Agapé Community Cell |Church services.

Carolyn Gower Originates from London, but lived in Hertfordshire until very recently. She was brought up as a brethren and became a believer at around the age of 15.   Carolyn studied at Nursing College and passed her exams and later became a Ward Sister in charge of the elderly.   Carolyn has since had four children and now Divorced.  For the last 15 years she was actively involved in worship as part of the worship team at an Anglican church in Bricket Wood, St Albans London. 

Carolyn  currently attends Agapé Community Cell Church and is active in worship on Sundays and in Cell Group.  She  also has experience with the Youth, she helped in the Church youth group at her previous church.   Carolyn is grateful for the time she spent at her old Church and appreciated some very close friends both in and out of the church.   Carolyn says "I don’t know how I would have survived without them."    I have always enjoyed singing and was happy to join the backing singers of Lifesongs to work on this new album.

Mike Squire  comes originally from Bromley, Kent and has lived in Milton Keynes since 1993.  Mike is Married with two children and works as a Civil Servant.   Mike attends an Anglican Church, in Bradwell, Milton Keynes. where he plays in the worship group.  Mike says "My initial contact with Christianity was in the late seventies when I was a rebellious rock and roller.  However I made some friends who were Christians, including a little later,  Esther who became my wife.  It took several years and a move to a different town, until in 1985,  I  accepted the reality of  God and my need for the salvation offered by Christ.  When we started going to church, it turned out that one of these friends I had made several years earlier also now went there and had been praying for me over the years.  Seeds that had been sown were starting to grow".

Mike has been  performing music, both Christian and secular for about twenty-five years, having played in various bands both rock and acoustic. As lead vocalist with Scared to Dance and All Mike's Fault, he had several tracks aired on local radio in Kent. I also play guitar and sometimes harmonica.  Mike has written 300 songs, some of which have been sequenced and recorded using Cubase software.  Mike says "Prior to recording with George, I was in a vocal harmony trio playing pop standards mainly from the fifties and sixties.  I am currently focusing on playing my own songs solo and am a regular at the Wolverton Acoustic Club."

Mike says his musical influences were probably:- Elvis Costello, Bowie, various recent Brit pop, also Stax and Motown.
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